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"I was so apprehensive about sleep training before I spoke to Tracie. She offered the support and encouragement that I needed to be able to remain consistent and follow through with the plan she helped me develop. I never knew that teaching a baby to sleep could be both gentle and effective. Tracie taught me the skills I needed to help my daughter self-soothe so that now I am able to deal with those little bumps in the road that life throws our way (teething, vacation, illness). Thank you, Tracie!"

Darian's Mom

Nikki S.



        "Thank you so much Tracie!!  You have been fantastic to work with.  Your reminder emails in the mornings were             incredibly helpful.  I really appreciated your promptness in replies as well.  I can honestly say that our lives have               been changed by being able to sleep.  What a gift!  Thank you so much."    

"Tracie is a God-send! My husband and I were about to crack from sleep deprivation. Our 16 month old daughter had sleep issues since birth. We tried SO many things to get her to sleep more, and nothing worked. A friend of mine referred Tracie to me, and I couldn't be more thankful! She is the sweetest person and completely knowledgeable. She worked with us to set a tailored sleep coaching plan. I really liked the “gentle” approach and my daughter responded well to it. It’s A LOT more supportive than the cry-it-out method, while still giving her the tools to self-soothe. Before sleep coaching, my daughter needed to be rocked to sleep every night, split the night between crib and co-sleeping, and had several wakings - usually including a 2-4 hour block of awake time in the middle of the night. Now, she’s sleeping 11-12 hours a night, is 100% in her crib, and can soothe herself to sleep. I can’t say enough amazing things about Tracie and this sleep coaching approach!" 

"I got my life back!  I was skeptical because my 9 month old did not want to sleep.  I now have the peace of mind knowing she is getting the sleep that she needs and I am no longer anxious about how often she will wake up during the night. Tracie was amazing to work with and sleep training was the best decision we made - I now have a baby that sleeps from 7pm to 7am!"

Lauren T.

"I met Tracie when my son was a year and a half old. After waking up multiple times every night between the hours of 12 am -5:00 am and having to have to work the next morning I was so exhausted and frustrated, I could barely function as a normal person. Tracie was so knowledgeable and compassionate she worked with me to accomplish a sleep routine and reassured me if I remain consistent that my son would be sleeping better during the night. She has been so supportive throughout this process and always gives me positive reinforcement.  With her guidance and support my son is now sleeping better and I am a happier person. Thank you Tracie for all that you have done for us." 

Sylvia F.