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"You may be afraid that sleep training won't work for your child.  I was nearly convinced it wouldn't work for my son, who, at 6 months, had never slept in his crib, was waking up frequently at night, and had an erratic nap schedule.  Did I mention that his "crying" is actually deafening screaming?  I'd read countless sleep articles, guides and books and had gotten plenty of advice from well-meaning family and friends, but we were still really struggling.  With Tracie's support, my son was sleeping through the night and napping on a predictable schedule in his crib independently within days.  By the end of our work together, we had a solid foundation in place for the sleep skills and habits that will serve our entire family moving forward.  Tracie was incredibly supportive, encouraging, and responsive.  She answered all of our questions throughout the process and offered tips and suggestions to make things better.  Whether you just want to get things off to a good start or you're trying to fix what seems like an intractable problem, I recommend Tracie with the utmost confidence."

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Welcome to Rest Well Baby!  My name is Tracie Kesatie and my mission is to help tired families get the sleep they need.  As a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant I offer professional sleep solutions that are customized to your family's needs and sleep goals.  I can take the guesswork out of sleep and help you tackle a wide range of pediatric sleep challenges such as frequent nighttime wakings, short naps, difficultly falling asleep, early morning wake-ups, bedtime battles, sleep regressions, having to nurse/rock/hold to sleep, etc... all while maintaining a secure attachment between parent and child.  I am dedicated to helping families with babies, toddlers and young children learn healthy sleep habits through education, reassurance, and compassionate support.  

If you have a little one who is not sleeping well, please contact me today at: restwellbaby@gmail.com to schedule a FREE 15 minute introductory phone call so we can get more acquainted.  I'd be delighted to learn about your personal sleep story, answer general questions about how I work, and discover how I can help your family get the gift of sleep. 

Tracie Kesatie is passionate about helping tired families get the sleep they need.

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