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Does your child have difficulty falling or staying asleep?  Do you feel overwhelmed by all of the different sleep books and conflicting advice?  Is sleep deprivation affecting your health, work or relationships?  Are you looking for an alternative to the cry-it-out approach?  If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then you have found the right place – welcome to Rest Well Baby!

Rest Well Baby offers individualized sleep coaching for families with babies & young children.  Rest Well Baby will create and help you implement a personalized sleep plan based on your goals, your child’s temperament, your child’s age, and your parenting style all while offering you emotional support, guidance and basic pediatric sleep education.  If you are ready to make sleep a family priority, contact Rest Well Baby today to schedule a FREE 15 minute initial phone conversation to learn more about our services.      

Tracie Kesatie is passionate about helping tired families get the sleep they need.

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